Absence Request Form

Please submit this form at least 48 hours in advance of your absence. Approval from campus administration is required. If your absence falls in any of the following categories, please provide adequate explanation for the absence.

1. The three (3) days before a school holiday.
2. The three (3) days after a school holiday.
3. Days scheduled for end-of-semester or end-of-year exams.
4. Days scheduled for TAKS testing.
5. Professional, staff development or workdays.
6. The first and last ten (10) student days of the school year.
7. Days and evenings set aside for open house and other special activities.
Absence Request Form
Person requesting leave:
I request permission to be absent on the following dates:
Reasons for absence:
Coach/UIL/Student Activity
Comp Time
Death in Family
Doctor's Appt.
Employee Illness
Family Illness
Jury Duty/Subpeona
Maternity Leave
Please give an explanation for your absence (if needed):
Amount of time:
Half day
Full day
Have you secured a substitute?
Name of substitute (if secured)

Security Measure